Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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My NEW BLOG site!

Yup, I've moved to a new blog site..!
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My NEW BLOG site!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ANU Malaysian Night : Malam Gemilang

Here it is..
I know, ages for me to update.
But remember I'm in ANU, using stupid yet really really slow connection!!
And this post, I have to go inside Uni to post up for faster speed!!
See, i do really wanna update but the connection wont allow!

This post will be about ANU (Australian's National University)
Malaysian Night a.k.a. Malam Gemilang
It's a formal dinner attended by all Malaysian students to celebrate Malaysian Independence Day!

I am so lazy to write.
So just have a look at the pictures taken!

The venue..Albert Hall...quite nice right?
We were sitting on table 9 that night!
Cherrie looks like our mom...isn't it? lol
Three friends from M'sia, till Australia!
Cherrie and me!
Fafa and me!
Jimmy, Shane, Fafa, and me!
All the guys from Table 9!
All ppl from Table 9
Cherrie's bestie - Ellen and me!
Me and Yeam!!
Me and two future comittee of MSO - Adrian and Chuah

That's all guys..
Most of the pictures are by me, Jimmy and Eugene..

Gotta rush to Finance tutorial!!
See you guys some other time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Future Pilot

This post is dedicated to one of my best friend,
Daniel Ong Min Chun,
who is going to be in Florida soon,
To continue his life long journey-ambition as to become a succesful pilot in near future.

That's him, Min Chun..
Know him since Form 1 in a Malay tuition..
Till now, let me see..
It's bee 7 long years !!! Wow, even me myself got surprised at that figure!!
And I just like the way he is,
As a friend..
He is useless...XD
Nope...joking, he is the BEST!
He listens to you..
He talks to you..
He gives advice..
He acompany you...
He does what a good friend does..
Beyond a good friend sometimes i think..
Maybe a BEST friend material ...
not maybe, he is..

He is going to Florida in a few days time..
I appreciate how he send me off in the airport last time..
But now, i'm in Canberra, studying..
don't have a chance to send you off..

I felt terrible for that..
Sorry yea, my friend..
You know that I would go if i can right?

And yea..
in your studies, in your relationship..in your everyday life..!

Always your friend,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally, ANU

Finally, i have the time to upload all my uni's photo!!
I guess i wont be typing too much..Kinda lazy..
So let the pictures do the talking..

So, this is basically what Canberra looks like..

Me and my dad in City Centre

Me and my dad in front of davey lodge - my apartment

Me and fafa
Me and CherrieMe, Wei and FafaMe, Fafa, Rie

Gonna rush to Statistics Class..
See you guys next time..!!
Will update often!

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Week In Australian National Uniersity

Have been through about a week in ANU...
Finally have the time to upload my blog and life here..
As for those who doesn't understand what I'm crapping about,
I'm actually in Australian National University for one week already..
And it is located in Aust' capital: Canberra (not SYDNEY !! Sydney is not Aust' capital!! lol)

So, before showing you guys the pics of my uni and Canberra city,
Let's have a glance of what my apartment looks like..

Yup! That's my place: Unilodge-Davey Lodge

Going into Davey..

The Entrance of Davey..

Turn right..My room will be 112..

My unit front door! With a touch of the color red, stylish rite?

Living Room and Kitchen..Two other mate's room (Fafa and Matt)

Bathroom and toilet..

Finally, my room..Entrance

Shoerack and Cabinet..
Cabinet and bed..

Study Table and small Bulletin Board ..

Hidden Drawer and Eraphone DIY Rack :)

My desk..

My bed..Elegant rite the sheet? lol.. (Friend from China, Mao Wei, kept calling me Emperor,lol)

All my favourite Korean Disc (Shinhwa's, Minwoo's And Dramas..!)

Landry Basket..

View from my window..

I can cook okay? lol..and taste really good actually..

My cooking..!

My home made pasta..

Will blog about my university and Canberra next post...Probably tomorrow.
Gonna run to Canberra Centre with Wei to pick up her new phone...
And gym-ing, and Statistics Revision..wow..lots to do today.!